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Don’t be a scrounger

Bang-head-hereSometimes when you are so used to seeing the same thing over and over, even a little variety can catch your eye.  One of the tired old responses or arguments we continually see from the anti-alkaline water crowd is along the lines of this.

“Our body will always maintain it’s pH”

What they forget to add, or purposely gloss over is how the body maintains it.  In order for the pH to stay constant, especially the blood’s pH, the body … Read the rest

Is Alkaline Water finally going mainstream?

WahlbergDiddy-e1423006789979-1940x1088There was a recent Forbes article that covered the rise of Aquahydrate which is brand of bottled Alkaline Water. The company is currently being backed by A-Lister: Mark Walhberg and music mogul: Sean “Diddy” Combs. While the article mainly focuses on the origins and the business side of things, it’s a good time to take note that Alkaline Water never really had this type of commercial appeal. While Alkaline Water has been out for decades, it tended to fall under … Read the rest

Testing, only as good as…


What if we gauged marathoners by how well they ran a 100 meter race? Would that to be a sound predictor for how they would perform over 26 miles? How about a marriage based on the first date? Or what if a movie was given awards based on the first and last 10 minutes only?  Nothing in between was viewed.

Would anyone who suggested these ideas be given any credence?

No. But somehow it works when selling water filters.

We … Read the rest