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pH and Alkalinity are not the same

ph_test_paperFor anyone looking at alkaline water, the title of this post might seem a bit conflicted.  We all know the most advertised and marketed aspect of alkaline water is the pH number.  The first thing new distributors at Enagic or MLM brand X learn how to do is put some pH reagent drops in the water and show how purple = alkaline.  From their conclusions are drawn as to how this water can change the alkaline levels in our bodies … Read the rest

Reverse Osmosis is not filtration

cartoon_filterWe regularly receive questions about whether a reverse osmosis (RO) system can eliminate a specific contaminant or not.  99% of the time, the root of the question is a misunderstanding of how a RO differs from a filter.

The best way we’ve been able to differentiate the two is to think of a filter like a sponge and RO like a wall.

Filters in one form or another capture the toxins suspended in the water as it passes through the … Read the rest

My Dad is stronger than your Dad

A common problem across the health and nutrition industry is that it’s very hard figuring out who to believe. Diets, workouts, is this food good or bad, contradictory studies and research, etc. Early in our alkaline water days we spent a lot of time over 2 years meticulously going through the research and talking to anyone we could to figure out the “real” answer.

What we found was the exact opposite. Researchers with multiple PhDs who had spent their entire … Read the rest