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California’s “Toilet To Tap” program

sinksIn case you haven’t heard, California’s having some issues with water.  Just pick a news agency and you’ll see the headlines. There are all sorts of perspectives and opinions on the causes and therefore the solutions, but while keeping an eye on what’s happening (remember, many of our alkaline systems are made in Cali) we were reminded of this article from last year.

It’s a very good read on highlighting just how effective reverse osmosis systems are.

We get a … Read the rest

Don’t equate food with water

juices_01Equating alkaline water with an alkaline diet is probably the biggest misconception within the alkaline world.  It stems from the fundamental misunderstanding of differences between pH and alkalinity.  We’re told drinking alkaline water is like eating a big kale salad.

But it’s not.

Our bodies need both hydrogen (pH) AND minerals (alkalinity).  Hydrogen for things like cellular fuel and antioxidant protection, but alkaline minerals to cancel out and balance acid waste buildup.  We can’t expect a glass of water with … Read the rest

pH testing – strips versus drops

good-better-bestFor the longest time we could not figure out why pH testing strips always leaned on the low side when testing alkaline water.  Almost without exception when someone contacts us to say their system isn’t giving them a high enough pH, it’s because they are using strips to test the water.  When they use drops that change the water’s color, it immediately registers correct.

But why?

The answer lies in understanding that pesky difference between pH and alkalinity.  Strips are … Read the rest