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Is Alkaline Water finally going mainstream?

WahlbergDiddy-e1423006789979-1940x1088There was a recent Forbes article that covered the rise of Aquahydrate which is brand of bottled Alkaline Water. The company is currently being backed by A-Lister: Mark Walhberg and music mogul: Sean “Diddy” Combs. While the article mainly focuses on the origins and the business side of things, it’s a good time to take note that Alkaline Water never really had this type of commercial appeal. While Alkaline Water has been out for decades, it tended to fall under … Read the rest

Are You Magnesium Deficient?


An important read for those serious about their health as magnesium often gets overlooked, so much that it has been dubbed the “invisible deficiency”.

“Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in your body. It affects everything from your heartbeat to your muscles to your hormones,” says Dr. Danine Fruge, Associate Medical Director at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Miami, Florida.

Fortunately, if you’re drinking lots of Vitev water, you’re already on the right track as it’s one of … Read the rest

Celebrity Chef Pete Evans stance on Fluoride

pete-evans-fluorideCelebrity Chef Pete Evans from “My Kitchen Rules”, has apparently been causing quite a ruckus with some doctors with his stance against fluoride and by joining the rebel alliance: Fluoride Free WA.

We get asked about fluoride removal quite often as it’s a growing concern for many people so we figured this would be something worth sharing. Regardless of your stance, it’s a good read for those who are interested as there are always two sides to a story … Read the rest

10 cans of Coke. Every day. 1 whole month. Insanity.

While we doubt any of you in your right mind would try this in any lifetime, this just helps illustrate the effects of soda on a human body.

Trying to lose weight and get healthy?

Here’s a tip: change your diet, which includes a big portion of what you’re drinking. Soda and even juice have so much sugar you might as well just be eating doughnuts for meals. Exercise is important but you’ll be surprised how much your body … Read the rest

Why is your REMIN more expensive than others I’ve seen?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing interest from reverse osmosis users who want an alkaline water. They’ve begun to realize that in an effort to eliminate the bad, they’ve also been drinking a water void of the good as well.  

So they want to put the minerals back in.

The market has responded to this need with a flood of “alkaline” or “remineralizing” cartridges.  Huge companies like Culligan, Rainsoft, etc have jumped in because their customers are … Read the rest

Alkaline water with no bells or whistles

Most of us go through an evolution where we think our parents are the greatest thing ever.  As we hit our teens, that opinion changes by 180 degrees.  But thankfully, over time, it swings back in their favor. 

I remember my Dad saying years ago how he didn’t want anything electronic when he was shopping for a new truck.  He wanted to open his door with a key, not a remote, crank the window down and flip a lever to … Read the rest

Negative ORP now gaining credibility

For years the benefits of -ORP (which you can read more about
here) has been downplayed and in many cases even ridiculed by the more mainstream medical community.  Or those who just regurgitate what .

Now it seems as though the alkaline water world was again correct.  In Oct last year, Ampio pharmaceuticals
announced a patent on it’s ORP diagnostic tool.  Think of it like a glucose meter.

Their chief scientific officer said,
“this recent analysis in traumatic brain Read the rest

ORP…think positive and drink negative

One of the most significant benefits of our water is something called ORP.  It stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential and is actually a bit easier to understand if you reverse the order of those words.

Essentially, it’s a way to measure a liquid’s Potential to Reduce Oxidation.

Oxidation in the human body is seen at the cellular level.  It’s a deteriorating process that takes the cell from healthy and vibrant to weakened and lifeless.  Think of patio furniture or an … Read the rest

How long does your water stay alkaline?

The short answer…a long time. If you want to fill a bottle and take it to work, or give some to a loved one to drink over a couple days time, you’ll be just fine.

A better answer takes a little time to explain.  

This question typically stems from a framework set by the electric ionizer companies and/or their reps. Electrolysis acts like a turbo charge and quickly elevates pH to extreme levels. Levels not completely supported by the … Read the rest

What minerals do you use to create alkaline water?

Mineral quality is very important to us in creating alkaline water. Therefore we use the highest quality of ingredients we can find in the best forms available. We also have to consider which minerals provide the greatest reactivity when mixed with water and which ones produce the quickest pH and antioxidant improvement.  

We found those were Magnesium and Calcium.  

In addition, we needed some of the more subtle benefits that are much harder to measure.  Ingredients that help with … Read the rest