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Why are your prices so much lower than others like Enagic/Kangen water ionizers?

That’s not really a fair question. It’s comparing apples to oranges because we
are fundamentally different than the other water ionizers you typically run
across. Here’s just a couple

1. We don’t use any complicated parts, electronics or
expensive metals. Nothing to wear out,
break or be repaired. Just solid
construction and a simple design. Natural ingredients that perform well and an easy delivery method to create alkaline water. Quality doesn’t have to be expensive…at least
that’s what our … Read the rest

Will I get kidney stones from alkaline water?

From Vitev alkaline water? No. 

When you look at recommended daily amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium, you’ll find tables like this
one. (scroll down a bit for the table)

Let’s just use an average of 1000mg/day of calcium and 400mg/day of magnesium as a
minimum requirement.

In our testing of our reverse osmosis alkaline water based systems, because tap water is all over the place and gives an entire spectrum of results, we found approximately 70 mg Read the rest