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Milk – Does it do a body good?

Late last year, a study came out drawing conclusions on some of the health benefits typically associated with drinking milk.  Things we constantly hear like “builds strong bones and teeth”.Gotmilk

This wasn’t just a small scale study either.  The average length of observation was just over 20 years and more than 105,000 Swedes participated.  You can read the entire abstract, methods and conclusions here.

Or in the sake of time…a few highlights from the study.

“For every glass of Read the rest

Keep it between the white lines

After 4 years in this natural alkaline water world and a few years before that with electric ionizers, we’ve lost track of the number of times we’re asked, “will this fix (fill in the blank symptom)?Flat_Road

Our standard answer has always been a form of “we don’t know”.

Not because we haven’t had tons of people with nite and day improvements or because we don’t think the water can help, but because there are countless variables that contribute to our … Read the rest

Vitev is expanding to Asia

Over the summer and fall, we worked closely with a group based in Hong Kong.  They contacted us because of a growing interest in both clean water (many places in Asia are absolutely horrible) as well as alkaline water.

After several months of testing, we solidified an agreement and began customizing our MAXX system for deployment across Asia.  Different connectors, low pressure pumps, smaller tank options, etc.

Those first systems arrived in Hong Kong a little over a … Read the rest

Fluoride Perspective

Fluoride is an emotional and controversial topic. Many want it out of their water and many others think it adds valuable benefits. We aren’t going to tackle that discussion right now, we just want to help direct you towards options for whatever side of the discussion you find yourself on.

We also want to make sure you are aware of some common misconceptions and things we didn’t even realize until talking with the experts who make the filtration media.  It … Read the rest