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Alkaline Water and our body’s pH regulation

One of the most common reasons we see offered by those who discount the benefits of alkaline water is something like this,

“under normaexpertl circumstances your body does not need any help in maintaining pH or in neutralizing acid.”

That quote was taken from Dr. Roach, a doctor with a syndicated column in many newspapers and newsletter across the country.  Kind of like the Dear Abby for health.  Scroll down to the bottom of his column from the St. … Read the rest

Want alkaline water? Just use baking soda…

To the alkaline water salesperson, that statement causes all sorts of reactions.  Frustration, eye rolls, unbelief, etc.  Typically it is countered with an answer like these.Arm_&_Hammer_Brand_Soda_poster_ca._1900

“Too much baking soda isn’t good for you”

“there are side effects with too much baking soda, like gas and diarrhea”

“that’s not alkaline, see, my pH meter (or drops) doesn’t show pH increasing”

The first 2 are accurate, but a little misleading, the 3rd is just dumb.  All illustrate a fundamental misunderstanding of … Read the rest

pH and Alkalinity are not the same

ph_test_paperFor anyone looking at alkaline water, the title of this post might seem a bit conflicted.  We all know the most advertised and marketed aspect of alkaline water is the pH number.  The first thing new distributors at Enagic or MLM brand X learn how to do is put some pH reagent drops in the water and show how purple = alkaline.  From their conclusions are drawn as to how this water can change the alkaline levels in our bodies … Read the rest

Reverse Osmosis is not filtration

cartoon_filterWe regularly receive questions about whether a reverse osmosis (RO) system can eliminate a specific contaminant or not.  99% of the time, the root of the question is a misunderstanding of how a RO differs from a filter.

The best way we’ve been able to differentiate the two is to think of a filter like a sponge and RO like a wall.

Filters in one form or another capture the toxins suspended in the water as it passes through the … Read the rest

Testing, only as good as…


What if we gauged marathoners by how well they ran a 100 meter race? Would that to be a sound predictor for how they would perform over 26 miles? How about a marriage based on the first date? Or what if a movie was given awards based on the first and last 10 minutes only?  Nothing in between was viewed.

Would anyone who suggested these ideas be given any credence?

No. But somehow it works when selling water filters.

We … Read the rest

Keep it between the white lines

After 4 years in this natural alkaline water world and a few years before that with electric ionizers, we’ve lost track of the number of times we’re asked, “will this fix (fill in the blank symptom)?Flat_Road

Our standard answer has always been a form of “we don’t know”.

Not because we haven’t had tons of people with nite and day improvements or because we don’t think the water can help, but because there are countless variables that contribute to our … Read the rest

Vitev is expanding to Asia

Over the summer and fall, we worked closely with a group based in Hong Kong.  They contacted us because of a growing interest in both clean water (many places in Asia are absolutely horrible) as well as alkaline water.

After several months of testing, we solidified an agreement and began customizing our MAXX system for deployment across Asia.  Different connectors, low pressure pumps, smaller tank options, etc.

Those first systems arrived in Hong Kong a little over a … Read the rest

Why is your REMIN more expensive than others I’ve seen?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing interest from reverse osmosis users who want an alkaline water. They’ve begun to realize that in an effort to eliminate the bad, they’ve also been drinking a water void of the good as well.  

So they want to put the minerals back in.

The market has responded to this need with a flood of “alkaline” or “remineralizing” cartridges.  Huge companies like Culligan, Rainsoft, etc have jumped in because their customers are … Read the rest

Alkaline water with no bells or whistles

Most of us go through an evolution where we think our parents are the greatest thing ever.  As we hit our teens, that opinion changes by 180 degrees.  But thankfully, over time, it swings back in their favor. 

I remember my Dad saying years ago how he didn’t want anything electronic when he was shopping for a new truck.  He wanted to open his door with a key, not a remote, crank the window down and flip a lever to … Read the rest

How long does your water stay alkaline?

The short answer…a long time. If you want to fill a bottle and take it to work, or give some to a loved one to drink over a couple days time, you’ll be just fine.

A better answer takes a little time to explain.  

This question typically stems from a framework set by the electric ionizer companies and/or their reps. Electrolysis acts like a turbo charge and quickly elevates pH to extreme levels. Levels not completely supported by the … Read the rest