Don’t be a scrounger

Bang-head-hereSometimes when you are so used to seeing the same thing over and over, even a little variety can catch your eye.  One of the tired old responses or arguments we continually see from the anti-alkaline water crowd is along the lines of this.

“Our body will always maintain it’s pH”

What they forget to add, or purposely gloss over is how the body maintains it.  In order for the pH to stay constant, especially the blood’s pH, the body has to take from other places.  As the doc in this article points out.

The pH of the blood must always remain at a constant pH range, so if you are constantly eating acidic foods then other systems need to work harder to maintain balance

Such a simple concept, yet so hard to find.  The body needs alkaline minerals to buffer the effects of acid buildup.  When those minerals are not provided from what we eat, drink and supplement, eventually the cabinets end up bare and the body has to scrounge.  It pulls from joints, bones, digestive systems, etc and then those places are not replenished and the downward spiral begins.

All we have to do to keep the body functioning as it should is follow her guidance a bit further into the article.

 “Eating an alkaline diet (high in fruit and vegetables) and drinking alkaline water helps as well.

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