My Dad is stronger than your Dad

A common problem across the health and nutrition industry is that it’s very hard figuring out who to believe. Diets, workouts, is this food good or bad, contradictory studies and research, etc. Early in our alkaline water days we spent a lot of time over 2 years meticulously going through the research and talking to anyone we could to figure out the “real” answer.

What we found was the exact opposite. Researchers with multiple PhDs who had spent their entire adult life studying water were saying things like, ‘I know less now than I did when I started’. After 30 years.

That’s when we stopped and realized the line of common sense was way behind us. We were lost on a highway to nowhere with water gurus on each side telling people to take their exit.

It was like a bunch of kids on the playground arguing over who’s Dad was the strongest.

No thanks.

So we zoomed back out to what made sense. For us, we found what resonated the most was a very basic principle everyone agrees on.  Food is the most nutritious and beneficial when it’s as close to its original source as possible. Organic, non-GMO, free-range, grass fed, etc.  The veggies picked from the backyard garden or at the farmer’s market is so much better than a plastic wrapped decomposing option at the grocery store.  Would you rather have eggs straight from the chicken with a thick shell and dark yoke or thin-shelled pale ones from the store?

There is no debate on this anymore.  So why would the same not be true for water?  Which is what lead us back to the source.

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