Negative ORP now gaining credibility

For years the benefits of -ORP (which you can read more about
here) has been downplayed and in many cases even ridiculed by the more mainstream medical community.  Or those who just regurgitate what .

Now it seems as though the alkaline water world was again correct.  In Oct last year, Ampio pharmaceuticals
announced a patent on it’s ORP diagnostic tool.  Think of it like a glucose meter.

Their chief scientific officer said,
“this recent analysis in traumatic brain injury demonstrates again how
oxidation-reduction potential and antioxidant reserves serve as
important markers of injury in this significant condition. By having a
novel measure like ORP available for rapid analysis of oxidative stress
and antioxidant reserves, we can enable better clinical insights into
these traumatic brain injury patients and potentially improve clinical
management based on their condition’s severity and ORP measures.”

In other words, we are heading to a situation where ORP can be measured internally and the findings used to gauge what kind of triage and treatment is needed.

Then in January of this year, a
partnership was announced with 2 research centers to further explore the relationship between ORP and a growing list of medical issues.

All of this is great as it shows there is legitimacy to what we’ve been stating for years.  But it does make you wonder how long it will be until we have a little blue pill to ensure we ingest our daily allowance of -ORP.

Isn’t a glass of fresh, clean water a better alternative?

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