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Negative ORP now gaining credibility

For years the benefits of -ORP (which you can read more about
here) has been downplayed and in many cases even ridiculed by the more mainstream medical community.  Or those who just regurgitate what .

Now it seems as though the alkaline water world was again correct.  In Oct last year, Ampio pharmaceuticals
announced a patent on it’s ORP diagnostic tool.  Think of it like a glucose meter.

Their chief scientific officer said,
“this recent analysis in traumatic brain Read the rest

ORP…think positive and drink negative

One of the most significant benefits of our water is something called ORP.  It stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential and is actually a bit easier to understand if you reverse the order of those words.

Essentially, it’s a way to measure a liquid’s Potential to Reduce Oxidation.

Oxidation in the human body is seen at the cellular level.  It’s a deteriorating process that takes the cell from healthy and vibrant to weakened and lifeless.  Think of patio furniture or an … Read the rest