Why are your prices so much lower than others like Enagic/Kangen water ionizers?

That’s not really a fair question. It’s comparing apples to oranges because we
are fundamentally different than the other water ionizers you typically run
across. Here’s just a couple

1. We don’t use any complicated parts, electronics or
expensive metals. Nothing to wear out,
break or be repaired. Just solid
construction and a simple design. Natural ingredients that perform well and an easy delivery method to create alkaline water. Quality doesn’t have to be expensive…at least
that’s what our grandparents used to say.

2. We don’t utilize a network or multi-level marketing
system. If you remove Enagic/Kangen’s 8-level
commission payout, you cut $2000+ right off the top. That’s actually why you
see other brands of water ionizers (Life, Chanson, Tyent, etc) about $2000 less.That was their method of price
development. Find the company driving the most business and say you’re just like them, but less.

3. Frame of reference is also important. We have a long time customer who is also a
777 pilot for United Airlines. He’s
always in Tokyo or some other glorious destination in Asia. He recently walked into a normal
department store while killing some time before flying home. Next to the toasters, rice makers and
microwaves are the water ionizers. We
asked him to take a pic. Notice the
brands and the prices. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, etc. Worldwide brands charging on average

Notice the irony. Kangen continually says their system is better
because it’s made in Japan and all of these Japanese science and medical
communities agree. Yet they are not on the shelves in their own
country. And they are 4x more expensive than worldwide brands there as well. Something
doesn’t add up.

4. Lastly, we don’t inflate our prices. It’s not uncommon to find sales from the
electric ionizer brands offering $1500 off of a $2500 system, especially around
the holiday season. How do you offer 60% off, not call it a clearance and then raise the price back up on the same system 2 weeks later?  Sales like this make the entire industry look ridiculous and worried more about a sale today, then the long term benefit of healthy alkaline water.


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